Route 79/Davol Street Transportation Study  
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City of Fall River, MA
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Route 79 Executive Summary (Adobe PDF, 17MB)

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The City of Fall River has long recognized the disconnect between the City Pier waterfront and the downtown. City Pier is physically separated from the downtown by Route 79 and Davol Street. Access to and from this underutilized waterfront is not direct for vehicles and is severely lacking for pedestrians and bicyclists- further isolating the area from the rest of the downtown. As a result, City Pier has not experienced much growth or redevelopment activity over the years.

This Route 79/Davol Street Transportation Study will examine the range of access issues to the City Pier area and explore how the City’s vision for City Pier can be achieved by improving regional and local transportation access.

The goals and objectives of the Route 79/Davol Street Transportation Study are:

GOALS – The general intentions and purposes for conducting the study:

  • Enhance multimodal access and transportation connections between the City Pier and downtown areas of Fall River
  • Enhance the development potential of the waterfront area around City Pier by improving transportation connections for vehicles, transit, pedestrians, and bicyclists
OBJECTIVES – Specific ways that the stated goals can be achieved:
  • Identify context-sensitive transportation and land use alternatives that improve safety and efficiency, and that are supported by the Study Advisory Group, implementing agencies, and the public
  • Improve safety by eliminating or improving hazardous locations, such as short acceleration/deceleration areas, weaving segments, and areas of limited sight distance on Route 79 and Davol Street
  • Provide more direct travel routes for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists to the City Pier
  • Develop transportation solutions that result in added developable land on City Pier
  • Upgrade public transportation options
  • Improve access to public spaces along the waterfront and the visual environment
  • Examine potential uses of the City Pier parcels and parcels resulting from any recommendation and quantify related economic impacts
  • Stimulate the economic vitality of the area through City Pier redevelopment
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