VHB Projects Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Harvard University Allston Campus Institutional Master Plan
Boston, MA

VHB continues to assist Harvard University with the Allston Campus Institutional Master Plan (IMP), which outlines Harvard University’s building and transportation needs for its Allston campus for the next five to ten years. The document responds to the City of Boston’s request to include descriptions of proposed projects and improvements for the Allston campus, as well as a discussion of the mission, goals, and needs of the university; urban design characteristics of the campus; and technical analyses of transportation and infrastructure needs. The document also responds to specific requirements of the city’s Articles 80 and 51 requirements, and to the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s scoping determination.

The Institutional Master Plan documents Harvard’s plans to create approximately 655,000 square feet of new building space and approximately 325,000 square feet of renovated space in five existing buildings on the Allston campus. These actions are expected to be completed within the next five to ten years. VHB provided analyses of the potential effects of the proposed IMP projects on transportation and infrastructure.

VHB worked with a number departments, including the Harvard Planning and Real Estate Office, the Harvard Business School, and the Athletics Department. VHB also assisted Harvard with community and agency consultations and presentations about the IMP renewal. Because the university contributes to the Boston community as an employer, community resource, and neighbor, the IMP also listed a number of community and civic benefits. Many meetings were held with city agencies and Harvard’s Allston-Brighton Master Plan Task Force over the two years it took to complete the IMP.

Project Highlights
Addressed Harvard’s long term traffic needs for proposed future projects
Coordinated extensively to identify needs of various departments and city agencies
Continuing to provide services to Harvard University with additional projects enacted as part of the IMP