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The Lighthouse at Long Island: Nassau Coliseum Redevelopment
Uniondale, NY

When the Lighthouse Development Group embarked upon an ambitious plan to redevelop a 77-acre site in Nassau County to create a contemporary, mixed-use recreation/office/residential destination, VHB was called upon to provide integrated transportation planning and traffic engineering services. The product of a unique partnership between private equity investors and the owner of the New York Islanders, the centerpiece of the redevelopment effort was to be a reinvigorated Nassau Coliseum, a home for its sports teams and a venue for large performances. The proposed development, the largest redevelopment project in Nassau County, consisted of 2,306 housing units, 500,000 sf of retail space; 1,000,000 sf of new office space; 200,000 sf of new convention/exhibition space, and a 650,000 sf new Coliseum.

VHB designed transportation infrastructure to support this nearly $4 billion project. VHB, working with various levels of government, developed an extensive traffic mitigation program, including off-site roadway network linkages, and integrated and connected the development with public transit facilities. In addition, VHB prepared all SEQRA documentation for the planned development district (PDD), and wrote numerous sections of the Draft and Final Generic Environmental Impact Statements (DGEIS and FGEIS). VHB managed a team of approximately 15 other consultants and assembled the components of the DGEIS and FGEIS for submission to the Town of Hempstead.

While preparing the DGEIS, VHB prepared a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and reviewed and summarized pre-existing Phase I ESAs. Based on the identified environmental conditions pertaining to former site use and current development, VHB prepared a Phase II ESA Scope of Work to address potential environmental conditions associated with past usage of the site.

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Project Highlights
Integrated transportation planning, trafic engineering, and environmental services for the redevelopment of a 77-acre site
Developed extensive off-site roadway network linkages
Completed SEQRA documentation, including Generic Environmental Impact Statement
Phase I ESA and Phase II Scope of Work
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