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White Plains, NY, Open Space DGEIS Documents (8/6/12)

Some of these files are very large documents, it is recommended that you download the PDF files to your computer prior to viewing. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing these files. Click here to download Acrobat Reader.

» Volume 1

Adobe PDF fileCover Page (0.1MB)
Adobe PDF fileTable of Contents (0.2MB)
Adobe PDF file1. Executive Summary (0.2MB)
Adobe PDF file2. Project Description (68.3MB)
Adobe PDF file3. Purpose and Need (0.1MB)
Adobe PDF file4.1. Land Use (22.2MB)
Adobe PDF file4.2. Environmental Conditions (38.0MB)
Adobe PDF file4.3. Stormwater (31.1MB)
Adobe PDF file4.4. Water and Sewer (15.3MB)
Adobe PDF file4.5. Traffic (31.5MB)
Adobe PDF file4.6. Community Facilities (0.7MB)
Adobe PDF file4.7. Fiscal (0.1MB)
Adobe PDF file4.8. Air Quality and Noise (0.2MB)
Adobe PDF file5. Alternatives (45.9MB)
Adobe PDF file6. Other SEQR (0.1MB)

» Volume 2 - Appendices (combined into one file)

Adobe PDF fileAppendix - Combined (102.1MB)

» Volume 2 - Appendices (individual files)

Adobe PDF fileAppendix Cover and Table of Contents (0.2MB)


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