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William Ashworth, PE, PTOESenior Vice President, Chief Operating OfficerLeadership

​​“What’s a rewarding project experience? For me, it’s when we bring together the best resources from throughout VHB to come up with creative and practical solutions that really benefit our clients.”​

Nancy G. Barker, PWS, PWDSenior Vice President, Mid Atlantic Regional Manager, Federal Market LeaderLeadership

​Nancy has been a driving force behind our growth in the Mid-Atlantic region since joining VHB 25 years ago to establish our first office in Virginia.

Robert S. Brustlin, PE, LEED APFounder & Chairman of the BoardLeadership

​“I’m proud of the company VHB has become. I’m constantly in awe of the talent and commitment of the people who​ work here. We share a real passion for shaping our world in a meaningful way.”​

Michael J. Carragher, PEPresident & Chief Executive OfficerLeadership

"I love working at VHB because we improve our communities and make them even better! We thoughtfully weave together mobility, communities, and environmental stewardship in a way that allows cities and towns to thrive. How could you not get fired up about that?!​​"​​​

Robert M. Dubinsky, PE, LEED APSenior Vice President, Corporate ResourcesLeadership

After more than three decades of serving VHB in diverse capacities, Bob’s enthusiasm for our mission and our people continues to set VHB apart.​

Jonathan L. FeinsteinSenior Vice President, Energy Market LeaderLeadership

​“It isn’t just about the destination; it is about the journey—​providing a smooth ride. At the end of the day, we want to do two things: deliver a great project and strengthen all the relationships that make that possible.”​

John B. JacksonExecutive Vice President, Chief Financial OfficerLeadership

Our generational company is underpinned by successful financial performance. Every company needs a leader with strong economic skills to guide its financial course, and John, thankfully, is ours. ​

Keri KocurSenior Vice President, Chief People OfficerLeadership

​A thoughtful, compassionate leader, Keri makes sure our people are always number one. She develops and maintains exceptional human resource programs and policies for our employees and their families.​

Thomas Lucivero, PESenior Vice President, Northeast Regional Manager

Tom’s positive energy and optimism is evident in everything he does, and his enthusiasm is contagious.​

Michael S. McArdleSenior Vice President, Chief Development OfficerLeadership

“My first mentor taught me that to be a good engineer, I needed to know every line on every engineering drawing for my projects. You can't just think you know; you need to KNOW the answers AND, of course, the questions. If you're the one responsible, you better make sure you know your client's project inside and out.​"​

David L. McIntyreSenior Vice President, Institutions Market LeaderLeadership

“While each institution has a unique purpose and specific needs, they all share a commitment to an overarching mission, as well as a long-term perspective. Understanding this commitment and perspective is fundamental to advising our education, healthcare, and non-profit clients.”​​

William J. Roache, PEFounder & Strategic AdvisorLeadership

​Bill’s measured approach to charting VHB’s course keeps the company on an even keel and a balanced trajectory.​

Ken A. Schwartz, AICPSenior Vice President, Planning Service LeaderLeadership

“I enjoy challenging projects where the process of reaching consensus is intricate and demanding. Promoting collaboration among disciplines and providing our clients with broad perspectives is what makes our projects most successful.”​

Stephen W. Thomas, AICPCEO, VHB Metro DC, LLCLeadership

Steve's energy, enthusiasm, and client-focus have been a driving force behind VHB’s growth and success.

Anne P. Zebrowski, Esq.Senior Vice President, Acquisitions

​Anne’s proactive approach to the regulations and legal issues for a company like ours is an important part of what distinguishes VHB from other consulting firms.​

Terri ElkowitzSenior Vice President, Northeast Regional ManagerLeadership

"Some of the best experiences I have at VHB is when I mentor staff and watch them grow into the best professionals in the business – professionals who are dedicated, committed, and truly enjoy their work."

Tom Jackmin, PE, ENV SPSenior Vice President, New England Regional ManagerLeadership

​“I enjoy being completely engrossed in a complex project, helping to find creative solutions, and having the certainty that there will always be new projects with new challenges to dive into at VHB.”​

Khristopher M. Gregoire, Esq.Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & General CounselLeadership

​VHB employees know and trust that they can call Khristopher day or night, and get thoughtful and practical solutions to complex challenges.

Dave Mulholland, PESenior Vice President, Southeast Regional ManagerLeadership

"I’m part of a team that is really making an impact on improving mobility and enhancing communities in the southeast. I get to work alongside people that bring excitement and passion to their work every day—and who always strive to exceed clients’ expectations. I’m really proud of what we accomplish together at VHB.​"

Matt Kennedy, PE, ENV SPSenior Vice President, New York City Managing DirectorLeadership

​"I love working with VHB’s excellent team, whose commitment to balancing improving infrastructure with stewardship for our environment is helping to make us the go to firm for environmental services on the east coast."

Steve McElligott, PESenior Vice President, Transportation Agencies Market LeaderLeadership

​“At VHB, we collaborate and innovate to deliver projects that make a difference for the traveling public and the communities in which we live. I take pride in helping our client partners make informed, smart decisions regarding their most complex transportation challenges.”

Donald Cooke, PE, PTOEVice President, Transportation Systems Service LeaderLeadership
Elizabeth Freeman, CPSMVice President, Director of Marketing & Business DevelopmentLeadership