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VHB’s Laura Everitt Elected President of the American Planning Association Florida Chapter
VHB NewsAnnouncementsHome; News; University Park, Florida1No1/11/2019 10:29 AM1/16/2019 9:44 AMRitz, Malea
CRRC MBTA Rail Car Manufacturing Facility—a VHB Project—Wins Multiple Industry Awards
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News; Transportation Agencies; Real Estate1No11/27/2018 11:17 AM1/9/2019 12:46 PMRitz, Malea
Proud of Our Award-Winning People and Work
2012-2018 Awards List
VHB NewsAwards and RankingsNews; Home1Yes12/19/2014 1:31 PM1/9/2019 12:43 PMRitz, Malea
VHBers Donate Items for Dr. Bear’s Closet at Children’s National
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingNews; Home1No1/9/2019 10:11 AM1/9/2019 10:11 AMRitz, Malea
Celebrating Our Award-Winning Work—Chatham County Comprehensive Plan Recognized with APA-NC 2018 Marvin Collins Award
VHB NewsAwards and Rankings; Visibility and MarketingHome; News; Raleigh, North Carolina1No1/7/2019 9:05 AM1/7/2019 9:05 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Project Managers Join the Ranks of WTS Boston’s Board of Directors
VHB NewsAnnouncementsHome; News; Boston, MassachusettsNo priorityNo12/24/2018 10:01 AM12/24/2018 10:23 AMRitz, Malea
Growing New York City
Infrastructure upgrades and better transportation options are a must to support future growth and global leadership—click to read a white paper by Mike Carragher, President and CEO.
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; Transportation Agencies; News1No12/18/2018 8:42 AM12/18/2018 8:42 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Expands Services in Mid-Atlantic Region with Acquisition of Ecological Engineering in North Carolina
Ecological Engineering Team Brings Extensive Natural and Water Resources Experience
VHB NewsPress ReleaseNews; Home; Raleigh, North Carolina1No12/17/2018 1:32 PM12/17/2018 1:33 PMHamilton, Julia
Boston VHBers Raise $12.2K for NECHV in 2018
VHB NewsAppearancesBoston, Massachusetts1No12/11/2018 2:52 PM12/11/2018 3:35 PMRitz, Malea
VHB Named One of the Best Places to Work in Virginia—for the Second Year in a Row!
VHB NewsAnnouncements; Awards and Rankings1No2/28/2018 11:13 AM12/6/2018 11:21 AMHamilton, Julia
Children’s National Health System Celebrates Groundbreaking for the Children’s National Research and Innovation Campus at Walter Reed
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News1No12/3/2018 1:36 PM12/6/2018 9:57 AMRitz, Malea
President & CEO Mike Carragher Pens Magazine Article Highlighting D&I Efforts
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News1No12/4/2018 10:07 AM12/4/2018 10:07 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Uses Process-Driven Approach to Transform Merchants Square
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News; Retail; Real Estate1No12/4/2018 9:09 AM12/4/2018 9:22 AMRitz, Malea
VHB’s Atlanta Office Prequalified by the Georgia DOT to Perform Bat Surveys
VHB NewsPress ReleaseNews; Atlanta, Georgia1No11/29/2018 8:45 AM11/29/2018 10:25 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Welcomes Lisa Bowers as Regional Marketing Director in Orlando
Lisa will work alongside the Southeast marketing team to elevate VHB’s focus on full client delivery.
VHB NewsPress ReleaseOrlando, Florida; News1No11/28/2018 4:22 PM11/28/2018 4:26 PMHamilton, Julia
VHB to Provide Civil Engineering for National Desert Storm and Desert Shield War Memorial
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News1No11/27/2018 11:25 AM11/27/2018 11:25 AMRitz, Malea
 VHB Hosts Game Night to Support Research Initiatives of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingRaleigh, North Carolina; Home; News1No11/19/2018 2:21 PM11/19/2018 2:51 PMRitz, Malea
Joyce Tsepas Inducted to Lambda Alpha International (LAI)
VHB NewsAnnouncementsNews; Home1No11/16/2018 10:21 AM11/16/2018 10:21 AMRitz, Malea
Nicole Benjamin-Ma Receives Paul & Niki Tsongas Awards
VHB NewsAnnouncements; Awards and RankingsNews; Home; Boston, Massachusetts; Watertown, Massachusetts1No5/14/2018 3:57 PM11/14/2018 9:09 AMHamilton, Julia
​VHBers Lead NAIOP Crash Course on Permitting in Massachusetts
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News1No10/1/2018 4:14 PM11/14/2018 9:04 AMHamilton, Julia
VHB Welcomes Brian Fairbanks
VHB NewsAnnouncementsNews; Home1No11/13/2018 11:54 AM11/14/2018 9:01 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Celebrates Major Milestone in Boston – GE Breaks Ground at Innovation Point in the Seaport District
VHB NewsAnnouncementsHome; News; Real Estate; Boston, Massachusetts; Watertown, Massachusetts1Yes5/18/2017 11:17 AM11/14/2018 9:00 AMHamilton, Julia
VHB Receives GoTriangle Golden Modes Award, Recognizing Smart, Sustainable Commuting Practices
VHB NewsAwards and RankingsHome; News; Raleigh, North Carolina1No11/12/2018 2:22 PM11/12/2018 2:22 PMRitz, Malea
VHB Advances to Stage II of USDOT Solving for Safety Visualization Challenge
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News; Transportation Agencies1No11/12/2018 1:18 PM11/12/2018 1:26 PMRitz, Malea
South Portland Office Wins ACEC Maine’s Grand Conceptor Engineering Excellence Award
VHB NewsAwards and RankingsSouth Portland, Maryland; Home; News1No11/12/2018 12:01 PM11/12/2018 12:01 PMRitz, Malea
Dave Mulholland Discusses Integrated Approach to Disaster Mitigation with Engineering, Inc.
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingNews; Home; University Park, Florida; Orlando, Florida1No11/9/2018 1:46 PM11/12/2018 8:01 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Awarded Ecological Responsible and Pollinator-Smart Virginia Solar Industry Project
VHB NewsVisibility and Marketing; AnnouncementsEnvironmental Services; Renewables; Home; News1No11/5/2018 1:58 PM11/9/2018 3:48 PMRitz, Malea
Transforming Communities and the Face of Passenger Rail Along the Northeast Corridor
Kristen Bergassi and Natasha Velickovic Contribute to Railway Age Magazine’s Women-in-Rail Issue
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingNews; Home; Transportation Agencies1No11/8/2018 3:46 PM11/8/2018 4:18 PMRitz, Malea
VHB Explores Resiliency and Disaster Planning Solutions at ACC Annual Conference and Exposition
VHB NewsUpcoming Conference Participation; Visibility and MarketingHome; News; Transportation Agencies; Airports1No11/8/2018 11:55 AM11/8/2018 11:55 AMRitz, Malea
Airport Improvement Magazine Highlights Transformative Plan for the Mobile Airport Authority
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingUniversity Park, Florida; Home; News1No11/7/2018 9:57 AM11/7/2018 3:31 PMRitz, Malea
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