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CRRC MBTA Rail Car Manufacturing Facility—a VHB Project—Wins Multiple Industry Awards
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News; Transportation Agencies; Real Estate1No11/27/2018 11:17 AM3/22/2019 8:15 AMRitz, Malea
Rivers, Gas Lines, and Bears—Oh My! Celebrating National Surveyors Week and Global Surveyors Day
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingLand Development Services; Watertown, Massachusetts1No3/21/2019 9:59 AM3/21/2019 1:25 PMRitz, Malea
VHB Celebrates Three Silver ACEC-MA Engineering Excellence Awards
VHB NewsAwards and RankingsHome; News1No3/19/2019 2:59 PM3/19/2019 2:59 PMRitz, Malea
Preserving Urban Farming: VHB’s Cultural Resources Team Aids Farm in Boston’s Mattapan Neighborhood
VHB NewsVisibility and Marketing; Project OpeningHome; News; Boston, Massachusetts1No3/19/2019 11:00 AM3/19/2019 2:33 PMRitz, Malea
VHB’s Lauren Blackburn Contributes to FHWA’s Bikeway Selection Guide
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News; Raleigh, North Carolina; Washington, DC; Williamsburg, Virginia; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Richmond, Virginia; Providence, Rhode Island1No3/19/2019 10:53 AM3/19/2019 10:53 AMRitz, Malea
Fabricio Ponce Will Lead Atlanta Office as Managing Director
VHB NewsAnnouncementsAtlanta, Georgia; Home; News1No3/18/2019 10:58 AM3/18/2019 10:58 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Recognized as 2019 Best Places to Work for Third Consecutive Year 
VHB NewsAwards and RankingsHome; News; Richmond, Virginia; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Vienna, Virginia; Williamsburg, Virginia1No3/18/2019 9:43 AM3/18/2019 10:00 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Expands Services with Acquisition of The Johnson Company
The Johnson Company Team Brings Extensive National Environmental Experience
VHB NewsPress ReleaseHome; News; Bedford, New Hampshire; Boston, Massachusetts; North Ferrisburgh, Vermont; Providence, Rhode Island; South Portland, Maryland; Springfield, Massachusetts; Watertown, Massachusetts; Weathersfield, Connecticut; Worcester, Massachusetts1No3/15/2019 3:54 PM3/18/2019 9:15 AMHamilton, Julia
VHB Recognized with ACEC Virginia Honor Award
VHB NewsAwards and RankingsHome; News; Williamsburg, Virginia1No2/8/2019 9:19 AM3/15/2019 2:56 PMRitz, Malea
Tim Bowes Named President of the North Carolina Society of Surveyors
VHB NewsAnnouncementsNews; Home; Raleigh, North Carolina1No3/15/2019 1:28 PM3/15/2019 1:28 PMRitz, Malea
VHB Celebrates Site Dedication of the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield War Memorial
VHB NewsVisibility and Marketing; AppearancesHome; News; VHB DC, LLC; Vienna, Virginia1No3/12/2019 9:22 AM3/12/2019 9:22 AMRitz, Malea
Bob Fatovic’ Joins VHB’s Collegiate Sports and Recreation Team as Senior Technical Advisor
VHB NewsAnnouncementsNews; Home; Virginia Beach, Virginia1No1/30/2019 12:51 PM3/6/2019 9:19 AMRitz, Malea
Chip Day Joins VHB’s Mid-Atlantic Energy Team as North Carolina Energy Practice Leader
VHB NewsAnnouncementsHome; News; Raleigh, North Carolina1No1/31/2019 11:09 AM3/6/2019 9:18 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Volunteers Team Up to Give Back to the Arlington Community
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News1No2/26/2019 1:56 PM2/28/2019 3:08 PMRitz, Malea
Keri Kocur’s Zweig Letter Article Offers Six Takeaways for Advancing D&I Initiatives
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News1No2/27/2019 9:24 AM2/28/2019 9:33 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Celebrates Major Milestone in Boston – GE Breaks Ground at Innovation Point in the Seaport District
VHB NewsAnnouncementsHome; News; Real Estate; Boston, Massachusetts; Watertown, Massachusetts1No5/18/2017 11:17 AM2/26/2019 4:19 PMHamilton, Julia
Partnering with Clients to Tackle Climate Change
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; News1No2/19/2019 10:39 AM2/19/2019 10:39 AMRitz, Malea
VHB’s Bill Ashworth, COO, Honored with Humanitarian Award
VHB NewsAwards and RankingsHome; News; Providence, Rhode Island1No2/14/2019 11:24 AM2/14/2019 2:26 PMHamilton, Julia
Painting a Bright Future for VHB—Meet Our New Principals and Associates!
VHB NewsAnnouncementsHome; News1No2/14/2019 9:32 AM2/14/2019 9:32 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Welcomes Bryon Russell to the Orlando Transportation Team
VHB NewsPress ReleaseNews; Orlando, Florida1No1/28/2019 12:22 PM2/1/2019 9:05 AMRitz, Malea
Proud of Our Award-Winning People and Work
2012-2018 Awards List
VHB NewsAwards and RankingsNews; Home1Yes12/19/2014 1:31 PM1/29/2019 1:14 PMHamilton, Julia
Fin Bonset Will Lead Aviation Services as Director
VHB NewsVisibility and Marketing; AnnouncementsHome; News; Orlando, Florida; University Park, Florida1No1/23/2019 11:13 AM1/23/2019 1:46 PMRitz, Malea
Cultural Resources Team Completes 59 Tax Credit Applications
VHB NewsVisibility and Marketing; AnnouncementsWatertown, Massachusetts; News1No1/22/2019 10:02 AM1/22/2019 2:02 PMRitz, Malea
MassEcon Elects Rich Hollworth to Its Board of Directors
VHB NewsAnnouncementsHome; News1No1/22/2019 11:22 AM1/22/2019 11:22 AMRitz, Malea
VHBers Donate Items for Dr. Bear’s Closet at Children’s National
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingNews1No1/9/2019 10:11 AM1/22/2019 10:48 AMRitz, Malea
VHB’s Laura Everitt Elected President of the American Planning Association Florida Chapter
VHB NewsAnnouncementsHome; News; University Park, Florida1No1/11/2019 10:29 AM1/16/2019 9:44 AMRitz, Malea
Celebrating Our Award-Winning Work—Chatham County Comprehensive Plan Recognized with APA-NC 2018 Marvin Collins Award
VHB NewsAwards and Rankings; Visibility and MarketingHome; News; Raleigh, North Carolina1No1/7/2019 9:05 AM1/7/2019 9:05 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Project Managers Join the Ranks of WTS Boston’s Board of Directors
VHB NewsAnnouncementsHome; News; Boston, MassachusettsNo priorityNo12/24/2018 10:01 AM12/24/2018 10:23 AMRitz, Malea
Growing New York City
Infrastructure upgrades and better transportation options are a must to support future growth and global leadership—click to read a white paper by Mike Carragher, President and CEO.
VHB NewsVisibility and MarketingHome; Transportation Agencies; News1No12/18/2018 8:42 AM12/18/2018 8:42 AMRitz, Malea
VHB Expands Services in Mid-Atlantic Region with Acquisition of Ecological Engineering in North Carolina
Ecological Engineering Team Brings Extensive Natural and Water Resources Experience
VHB NewsPress ReleaseNews; Home; Raleigh, North Carolina1No12/17/2018 1:32 PM12/17/2018 1:33 PMHamilton, Julia
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