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List to introduce the 2015 class.

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Gordon Daring, PEManaging Director, WethersfieldPrincipal and Associates 2015

​"I’ve had the opportunity to participate in projects involving a variety of VHB clients, and every one of those projects has created benefits and value for the community we served. The roadway improvement programs that we’ve helped to develop and manage for municipal, county, and federal organizations have provided improved road networks and saved our clients millions of dollars over the life cycle of those roadways." ​

Matt Kennedy, PE, ENV SPWater Resources Service Leader  Principal and Associates 2015

​"I recently participated in MassDOT’s Climate Change summit as a facilitator. This was a great opportunity to help our client set a course to identify and adapt to climate related threats to infrastructure. It's really rewarding for me to see resiliency initiatives that we discussed at the summit already put into action, and know that I played a small part in something that will make our transportation infrastructure more sustainable for future generations."

Geoffrey Morrison-Logan, NCICS, NCICMFNew England Regional Director of Planning, Urban Design & Landscape ArchitecturePrincipal and Associates 2015

"It's rewarding for me to see projects evolve from an initial idea, or a concept on trace paper, into design development and implementation. Our team is focused on bringing ideas to life by working closely with our clients in solving challenges that unlock the potential for a project or study to get implemented."    


Susan Kremer, PE, ENV SPChief Highway EngineerPrincipal and Associates 2015

​"My role is unique in that I am not responsible for any one project—I have the opportunity to review the quality of all of our highway work before it goes out the door. I find it particularly rewarding when we get repeat business because I know we’ve delivered a quality product to our client and are really making an impact on improving our infrastructure."

Paul Yeargain, PE, CFMManaging Director, Orlando Principal and Associates 2015

​"Our team works with communities to enhance their stormwater infrastructure while balancing their needs for future development and infrastructure. For me, it has been great to work at VHB while also contributing to a number of projects in the city where I live—Oviedo. VHB has a continuing services contract with the City of Oviedo in which we are working on a stormwater master plan for the historic downtown area of the City."

Bill Anderson, PEProject Manager- Highway DesignPrincipal and Associates 2015

"​I am the project manager for the Town of East Hartford, Connecticut's multi-year roadway improvement program. To date I have been involved in the design of more than 20 miles of roadway which have been constructed. It it very satisfying to drive on these roads and know that other motorists also benefit from driving on roads with smooth, distress-free pavement. Roadways that are in great shape reduce travel time and maintenance​."

Bill Arcieri, CPESC, CPSWQSenior Water Quality SpecialistPrincipal and Associates 2015

​"It’s extremely gratifying to work with a diverse group of experienced water resource and environmental professionals at VHB, where clients specifically call upon us to solve complex permitting and regulatory challenges. Our reputation both with the resource agencies and the development community is a testament to our ability to find the right balance between environmental stewardship and public and private infrastructure needs."

Andy Carrier, EITSenior Project Manager- Bike/Ped Principal and Associates 2015

"I'm the program manager for a consultant liaison contract with ConnDOT. It is rewarding to know that the VHB - CLE team plays a critical role in the state's decision making on how best to prioritize Federal and State funds to close the gaps and help connect greenway and multi-use trail projects all across Connecticut."


John Carty, PE, LEED AP, ENV SPProject Manager- Site/Civil Principal and Associates 2015

"Whether I’m working on campuses like VCU or UVA, or on projects for the City of Richmond, it’s exciting to know that my work is helping to make Virginia a better place to live and work. Regardless of the location, I feel a responsibility to design sites that consider their impact on the environment, and incorporate sustainable solutions whenever possible. The saying 'leave it better than you found it' holds true with everything we do."

Nancy Doon, AICPDirector of Environmental Services Principal and Associates 2015

​"NYC property owners and developers want environmental approvals for a range of development options. It's important to balance the needs for flexibility with the goal of the regulatory processto reduce or eliminate environmental impacts. When every dollar counts, there is pressure to protect both public and private interests while upholding the integrity of regulatory requirements. Working with my clients on this balancing act is the most rewarding part of my job.​"

Ana Fill, PESenior Transportation EngineerPrincipal and Associates 2015

​“As I travel along the Charles River in Boston, it gives me a sense of pride to see all the rehabilitated bridges along the way. It was nice to be part of the team that assisted MassDOT in minimizing the disruption to the public while they were making these bridges safer and more accommodating to all users.”​

Kristofer Kretsch, PE, NBIS, ENV SPSenior Structural Engineer Principal and Associates 2015

​"Since beginning my career here after college, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to a record setting bridge span in Middlebury, Vermont; help communities in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene; and work with the MBTA to improve the state of repair for their aging bridges. Growing with the structural engineering team has been very rewarding for me indeed.​"

Jake San Antonio, PE, ENV SPDirector of Water ResourcesPrincipal and Associates 2015

​"There is nothing like the feeling of working with a client to develop a solution to a problemdrawing it on paper, and then seeing it constructed as you had envisioned. I’ve been working with communities to address complex flooding issues, starting from the concept through implementation of projects. It is rewarding work knowing you are helping reduce potential losses within communities and unneeded stress to families during flood events.​"

Josh Sky, GISPSenior Scientist/GIS ManagerPrincipal and Associates 2015

​"On a recent family drive to Jay Peak, I proudly pointed to the smooth gravel of the 97-mile long Lamoille Valley Rail Trail and the 300-foot tall turbines of the Kingdom Community Wind Farm. These challenging projects required dedication, perseverance, experience and a team that worked hand-in-hand with our clients to move things forward. What an amazing opportunity to be able to shape the iconic landscape of Vermont."

Adam Smith, PE, LEED APProject Manager- Site/Civil Principal and Associates 2015

​"I've been fortunate in my 12 years as a civil engineer to be involved in many different types of projects through all facets of planning and design. From residential communities that create a sense of place for residents, to the commercial, civic, industrial, and retail centers that provide jobs and services, I have gotten to be a part of shaping the Central Florida region."

Piotr Swietuchowski, PEProject Manager- Site/Civil Principal and Associates 2015

"I recently celebrated the opening of Tempesto—the newest roller coaster at Busch Gardens. My first experience with the amusement park industry was 15 years ago, when I first landed in the U.S. as an international student in a work and travel exchange program. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about park operations and I bring this experience to every project that I work on at Busch Gardens. When I visit the park with my own family and see other people enjoying it—I feel a sense of pride. "

Ryan Verdel, PESenior Transportation EngineerPrincipal and Associates 2015

​"Seeing a roadway corridor being shared by pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists alike and knowing your vision for a multi-modal roadway network is being used by the public is the greatest feeling as a transportation engineer."

Steve Anderson, GISPDirector of Geospatial and Innovative Solutions Principal and Associates 2015

"​I love working with the diverse group of professionals at VHB to help identify ways that technology can be used to help them be more innovative in solving the challenges our clients face. When we are serving our clients better, we are making an even greater contribution to enhancing the communities we live and work in and making the streets we drive on more safe."

Tammy Petsios, LEED APCorporate Managing Director, Air QualityPrincipal and Associates 2015

​"I'm grateful that I get to put my dedication to environmental stewardship to good use every day—delivering value for clients by managing large scale public sector contracts while working to improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases, and mitigate noise impacts for some of the most complex projects in New York City."

Kris Dramby, PWS, CWB, CESenior Environmental Scientist Principal and Associates 2015

​"My family and I recently attended the newly restored Jamestown Beach Park in Williamsburg. I had the opportunity to be a part of the project team throughout all phases of development. I took away an overwhelming sense of excitement from the public that day at the park. But the true measure of success was when my two young daughters noted to me as we were driving home, 'thank you daddy for making this happen.'”

Stephen KaplanOil & Hazardous Materials Team LeaderPrincipal and Associates 2015

"My team conducts environmental assessment and remediation projects at large and small project sites to facilitate property transactions and resolve compliance challenges. I take pride in helping our clients move their projects forward while promoting environmental stewardship."

Mark Shamon, PEDirector of Highway EngineeringPrincipal and Associates 2015

​"Shortly after joining VHB, a new colleague offered me a pocket protector with the VHB logo and the slogan 'Living the Dream.' I chuckled. But I’ve now learned that as a transportation engineer, it may not be that far off. VHB has a deep understanding of each market we serve—highway, rail and air, public or private, mature or innovative, large or small. Clients understand that VHB can help them address all of their transportation needs."

Kevin Walsh, PEManaging Director, HauppaugePrincipal and Associates 2015

​"Solving challenges has always been the most interesting part of this field to me. With the resources and people behind us at VHB, we’re more prepared than ever to address the issues facing our clients as they navigate ever-changing regulatory processes and seek to improve our communities while balancing the needs of the public with the type of environment we all want to live and work in.​​"