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Service Leader Perspective – Doug Landry, Senior Vice President of Land Development Services ​​​

Describe your role as LD Services Leader.

As a service leader, my role is to ensure the consistent delivery of high quality skills and services to our clients that maximize the strategic value we bring to each relationship and project. Service leaders work with our colleagues across t​he company –including VHB’s market and regional leaders— to make sure we have the best and brightest talent organized in the most effective way to achieve our strategic goals. 

When we talk about Land Development Services at VHB, we are really describing a platform for delivering cross-disciplinary expertise primarily to private sector clients in the real estate market, but also to institutional and public sector clients. 

What I like most about my role is the ability to bring together the collective VHB knowledge and technical skills - grounded in land engineering - to understand the big picture and integrate a variety of perspectives into the design and development process. This integrated approach generates holistic thinking and the best possible outcomes for our clients and the communities where they invest. It’s great when wetland scientists are talking to traffic engineers about the best location for an access drive with the least amount of impact, or when landscape architects are collaborating with civil engineers to design stormwater management features that blend with the environment and provide an aesthetic enhancement to the site.

While my role is somewhat internally focused, because of my personal and professional interests, I stay involved in project pursuits and execution, as well as VHB visibility in the market. Over the course of my career, I have cultivated an extensive network and deep relationships with clients, business partners, and public officials. I especially enjoy being a member of the national NAIOP Board of Directors. Representing VHB and the Massachusetts Chapter as whole, I work alongside industry leaders across North America to track development trends, promote best practices, and advocate for public policies that support responsible commercial real estate development, ownership, and investment.

How is VHB working to continue to elevate the land development services we deliver?

As it relates to Land Development, we’re making some great progress on VHB’s Quality Program. The Quality Program was established to instill into our culture a mindset of continuous improvement towards delivering quality for our clients. In the Land Development service line, there is a robust dialogue across all regions around state-of-the-art engineering standards and processes to ensure high quality design, constructability, and performance. Mike McNeice has been instrumental in helping to organize and lead this effort, and our designated regional LD QA/QC leaders – Ken Staffier, Mike Tucker, Piotr Swietuchowski, and Adam Smith – have been the backbone of our team approach to sharing best practices and ensuring compliance. 

I’m also excited about work underway to improve VHB’s technical training and professional development opportunities. Bob Brustlin is leading the development of a technical training curriculum within VHB’s Center for Education that will provide access to “curated” third party on-line or in-person courses supplemented by customized training modules that focus on “The VHB Way.” As part of this effort, all service leaders have initiated processes for interviewing technical staff at all levels to identify specific training needs in their various and respective disciplines. For the Land Development service line, Ken Staffier is helping me lead this outreach and it’s really nice to see this initiative progress. Many thanks to Diane Tran, Caitlin Glass, Tony Loubier, and Shawn Steers for being our designated regional eyes and ears in this effort. Over the past several weeks, they have each fanned out across their regions to gather this critical data. All of these efforts will help us continue to strengthen the quality of services we’re delivering to our clients.​​


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