Jumby Bay Landscape Management Plan

​​Jumby Bay Island Company
Antigua, West Indies

A private Caribbean island, rich with flora and fauna, conserves its environment with great care—how do you improve upon this idyllic landscape setting?  Jumby Bay is a well-known privately held island and resort by the Jumby Bay Island Company (JBIC), who share their name with “Jumbee,” an Antigu​an colloquial for “playful spirit.”  JBIC joined forces with VHB’s team of landscape architects to develop a landscape management plan that reviewed landscape preservation strategies and management practices, developed guidelines for the restoration of native woodlands and meadows, and framework for improvements to the landscape plantings of the common areas to enhance the guest experience.  With improved maintenance, water conservation, long term sustainability strategies, and expanded botanical collection the unique historic character and charm of Jumby Bay’s playful spirit will live on in this rare, relaxed luxury destination.​




​Landscape Architectural Design

Environmental Evaluation
Management Strategies​



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