AstraZeneca R&D Facility

​AstraZeneca R&D Boston
Waltham and Weston, Massachusetts

When AstraZeneca chose their new Massachusetts based R&D research campus, they knew they needed a partner with a long term history with the site and the right connections to make the process flow efficiently. VHB’s historic involvement on the site was invaluable, having worked for years for the former site owners. We worked with the seller to implement and secure development parcels, including the complex stormwater management system, intended to maximize the future development and land value.  Pushing through an intense environmental effort, we protected adjacent wetlands and nearby water supply sources, while preserving the natural features of the surrounding New England woodlands. The result? A research campus dedicated to a collaborative spirit – just like the one between AstraZeneca and VHB.​




Site Master Plan 

Development and execution of state and local permits

Land survey 

Civil engineering

Landscape architecture 

Environmental services 

Bridge design



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