Route 79/I-195 Interchange Improvements

​​Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT)

Fall River and Somerset, MA

What is a roadway network if not a way for people to move about freely? That’s why MassDOT is working to improve access and safety for roadway users at the Route 79 and I-195 interchange. Thinking innovatively, the VHB team guided MassDOT through this complex construction project in several phases so that the road maintained a high-level of functionality throughout the improvement process.​

This project was awarded the ACEC of Massachusetts Grand Conceptor Award as part of the 2017 Engineering Excellence Awards, an engineering achievement that demonstrates the highest degree of merit and ingenuity. It also was awarded the 2017 APWA National Public Works Project of the Year for Transportation and most recently, ENR’s 2017 Best Projects.​




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