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Connect with us at the Transportation Research Board’s 96th Annual Meeting being held in Washington, D.C. January 8–​12, 2017. A TRB sustaining affiliate, VHB is dedicated to the organization’s mission and is proud to contribute through active participation on technical committees, taking on leadership roles within the organization, and leading important national research.​

Several VHBers are giving presentations, presiding, participating in committee meetings, or sharing research results with our partners​ at this year’s meeting. Here is a quick look at where you can find us:​​​​

Sunday 1.8


9 am – 12 pm​
Session 114

Bats at the Crossroads: Regulatory Compliance for Program and Project Delivery and Approaches to Conserving Imperiled Species ​
Alexander Levy, Senior Ecologist – Presiding

​​9 am 12 pm
Session 138

​Crash Modification Factors: Can Driving Simulators Identify Crash Mechanisms? 
Richard Porter, Highway Safety Engineer – Presiding​

​1:30 – 4:30 pm
Session 163

​Comparison of Using UAVs for Collecting Existing Conditions Using Imagery and Lidar Sensors Versus Ground Survey ​
Ryan Noyes, Design/Visualization Tech Specialist

Monday 1.9


8 – 9:45 am

Session 204

Evaluation of Operational Effects of I-66 Active Traffic Management System ​​
PilJin Chun, Transportation Analyst

8 – 9:45 am
Session 249

​Dynamic Transit Accessibility and Transit Gap Causality Analysis 
Richard Porter, Highway Safety Engineer​

​8 – 9:45 am​
Session 264

​Challenges and Opportunities for Multijurisdictional Airport Development Projects 
Laurie Cullen, Senio​r Program Manager – Presiding​

​​10:15 am – 12 pm

​Operations and Traffic Management 
Richard Porter, Highway Safety Engineer – Presiding​

​​​10:15 am – 12 pm​
Session 328

​Transportation Safety Management: Creating Safer Systems 
Frank Gross, Highway Safety Engineer – Presiding​​

​10:15 am – 12 pm​
Session 330

​New Sources and Methods to Extract Data to Inform Safety Analysis 
Bob Scopatz, Senior Transportation Analyst – Presiding

1:30 – 3:15 pm​

​Rail Noise and Vibration
Jason Ross, Director of Noise and Vibration Services – Presiding

​​1:30 – 3:15 pm​
Session 297

​Transportation Safety Management: From Start to Finish
Frank Gross, Highway Safety Engineer – Presiding​

​1:30 – 5:30 pm​

​Investigating Total AADT as a Surrogate for Motorcycle Volumes in Estimating Safety Performance Functions for Motorcycle Crashes 
Scott Himes, Transportation Analyst

3:45 – 5:30 pm
Session 429​

​Current Issues in Ecology and Transportation
Alexander Levy, Senior Ecologist – Presiding

3:45 – 5:30 pm

Session 449

​Safety Effects of Corner Clearance at Signalized Intersections
Thanh Le, Highway Safety Engineer, Frank Gross, Highway Safety Engineer, and Tim Harmon, Highway Safety Project Manager

Tuesday 1.10


8 – 9:45 am
Session 538

Safety Effects of Low-Cost Systemic Safety Improvements at Signalized and Stop-Controlled Intersections  
Thanh Le, Highway Safety Engineer, Frank Gross, Highway Safety Engineer, and Tim Harmon, Highway Safety Project Manager

10:15 am – 12 pm

​Safety Data Subcommittee 
Nancy Lefler, Project Manager – Presiding

​10:15 am – 12 pm

Ecology and Transportation Committee
Alexander Levy, Senior Ecologist – Presiding

1:30  – 3:15 pm
Session 623

​Noise and Vibration Issues for Rail and Construction Projects 
Jason Ross, Director of Noise and Vibration Services – Presiding

1:30 – 3:15 pm

Session 656

Engineering: Moving beyond the MUTCD and AASHTO Greenbook 
Frank Gross, Highway Safety Engineer – Presiding

​​1:30 – 5:30 pm

Safety Data, Analysis and Evaluation Committee Meeting 
Kim Eccles, Safety Practice Leader – Presiding

3:45 – 5:30 pm
Session 749

Qualitative Analysis of Ridehailing Regulations in Major American Cities 

Jennifer Recher, Transportation Consultant

6- 7:30 pm

​Truck and Bus Data Subcommittee
Bob Scopatz, Senior Transportation Analyst – Presiding

Wednesday 1.11


8 – 9:45 am
Session 802

Safety Evaluation of Two Curve Warning Treatments: In-Lane Curve Warning Pavement Markings and Oversized Chevron Signs  

Kim Eccles, Safety Practice Leader

8 – 9:45 am

Session 802

Safety Evaluation of Red-Light Indicator Lights in Florida 

Scott Himes, Transportation Analyst, Frank Gross, Highway Safety Engineer, and Kim Eccles, Safety Practice Leader 

​8 – 9:45 am

Session 806

​Effect of Electronic Device Use on Pedestrian Safety 
Bob Scopatz, Senior Transportation Analyst, Scott Himes, Transportation Analyst, Yuying Zhou, Transportation Engineer, and Steve Epley, Senior Transportation Engineer

10:15 am – 12 pm

Session 833

Hot Topics and Emerging Themes in Ecology and Transportation 
Alexander Levy, Senior Ecologist – Presiding

​2:30 – 4pm

Session 869

Maintaining Connectivity: Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiencies of Landscape Design and Maintenance of Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure
Alexander Levy, Senior Ecologist – Panel

Thursday 1.12


8 am – 12 pm
Session 900

Alternative Statistical Methods to Assess Highway Safety Performance 
Richard Porter, Highway Safety Engineer







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