Is Your Municipality Ready for Spring?

​Track​. Prioritize. Repair.

​​With 100+ inches of snow, this winter has been a tough one for Massachusetts municipalities. As the snow melts and the frost thaws beneath the pavement, potholes form and seem to multiply. Consider a pavement management program to prioritize roadways for repair. If you need to confirm the locations of hydrants, catch basins, or drainage outfalls, a robust asset management system can save the day.

Many communities are preparing for upcoming spring town meetings. There may be opportunities now to consider budgeting for these servies.

Asset Management

Consider using a GIS database to manage assets. If you already have a GIS database, the solution may be as simple as mobile data collection to enhance your existing system.​


Pavement Management

VHB’s professionals have developed an integrated GIS-based roadway asset management system to collect, manage, analyze, and display data about our client's roadway networks. Our pavement management services include pavement distress surveys to evaluate maintenance, preservation, and rehabilitation options; Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) recommendations; preservation and rehabilitation work costs estimates; pavement maintenance and rehabilitation technologies training​; and pavement management plans development.​

Bridge Maintenance 

Don’t forget about routine bridge maintenance that could relieve travel impact on residents. Now is the time to think about developing and implementing a plan to inventory your bridges, evaluate their condition, and note any maintenance that can be completed in the short term while planning for long-term rehabilitation.​



Connect with Tim McIntosh, PE, to find out how we can help you track, prioritize, and repair your roadways. | 617.607.2719

Wayne Amico, PE, is also​ available to answer any questions you may have about asset​ management.​ | 617.607.1577

Andrew Burkholder, PE, can help you with any of your bridge maintenance questions.​​ | 617.607.2773



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