Improving Mobility, Safety, and Operational Flexibility

VHB’s dedicated Transit and Rail Operations, Simulations, and Train Control Systems team can help you understand the complexity of rail service, and avoid high cost impacts through sound operational analysis and forecasting by using real-time train movement simulation and easy to understand animation. VHB has worked closely with many properties owned by public agencies and authorities, freight railroads, and Amtrak, assisting them with correcting or modifying Capital Improvement Plans and developing strategies to secure funding. ​

Our highly skilled professionals will assist you in:​

Creating or modifying operating plans

Assessing infrastructure and evaluating capital improvement projects

Assisting in the development of construction phasing and staging plans

Understanding the impacts of adding service to existing operations for, high-speed rail, intercity, commuter, subway, light rail, and street running trolleys


One of VHB’s primary modeling tools we employ for railroad operations simulation is the Berkeley Simulation’s Rail Traffic Controller (RTC©) tool. This leading-edge software enables us to show trains traveling entire systems, view potential conflicts, delays, and overall system traffic flow in real-time. VHB maintains the most RTC© licenses in North America and has worked with Berkeley to further develop RTC© program logic, adding functionality that allows the software to process complicated rail systems, as done on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) South Station Expansion Project. 

Our rail operations team also employs a variety of  tools and models such as time-distance diagrams (stringlines), TPC profiles, track occupancy charts, timetables, and operating statistics down to the individual train level to produce outputs that will best suits the project needs. ​​

From non-simulated tools to cutting-edge complex animation technology, we provide detailed and accurate data-driven analysis to support clients with rail operations planning services. At VHB we deliver and seek to make you a client for life, contact us  and see why so many have chosen VHB as their consultant of choice for their operations, signal and train control solutions.

Signal and Train Control Solutions

Our signal and train control staff have more than 40 years of experience on all types of corridors including mixed freight and passenger operations and highspeed rail applications and are nationally recognized specialists in the rail signaling and communication field. Projects range from high-speed rail, commuter rail, and  subway based light rail and include CTDOT’s award winning West Haven Station, MBTA’s Systemwide Positive Train Control (PTC)​, District Department of Transportation (DDOT)/ Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Long Bridge Operational Analysis, ​and Florida DOT’s SunRail, the newest commuter rail to come online in the United States. These projects involved a multitude of differing technologies including:   

New and revised CTC systems     ​​

Operations control centers     

Wayside interlockings and colorlight/search light signals     

Inside- and outside- based cable plant​s and hardware design    

VHB brings together extensive project experience, tailored technology resources, and highly dedicated and capable professionals to complete projects on time and on budget. ​

“I consider VHB a premier engineering firm. The Transit and Rail staff possesses extensive transit system planning, design, and operations experience. Their expertise, responsiveness, and professionalism made working on projects a rewarding and fulfilling experience. I would highly recommend VHB to others." — Frank Frey, Federal Railroad Administration​​



Connect with VHB at the 2017 APTA Annual Meeting in Atlanta on October 8 - 11 


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