Alex DeYoung Featured in Story about Women Helping Build South Florida Baptist Hospital

Tampa, FL

March 07, 2023

Alex DeYoung smiles in an office setting at a conference table with colleagues

The March 2, 2023, issue of Plant City Observer featured a story on Women in Construction Week about the team of women helping build South Florida Baptist Hospital. Alex DeYoung, Site/Civil Engineering Project Manager with VHB, shared how growing up in her father’s footsteps influenced her career in the AEC industry. Read more in the Plant City Observer.

In my graduating class at Florida State University there were about four women out of about 50. In general in the construction industry there’s not many women.

—Alex DeYoung via Plant City Observer


Ales DeYoung smiling in a navy blue dress.

Alex DeYoung, PE, LEED GA, ENV SP

Project Manager, Site/Civil Engineering