KC Sahl Appointed to New York City Offshore Wind Advisory Council

Will oversee federal, state, and private investment to drive clean energy growth

October 12, 2021

KC wearing a dark blazer and white shirt in front of a blurred background

As part of a 15-year, $191-million plan to make New York City the gateway for the offshore wind industry into the United States, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and Mayor de Blasio announced the establishment of an Offshore Wind Advisory Council, led by co-chairs KC Sahl, Northeast Energy Market Leader at VHB, and Elizabeth Yeampierre, Executive Director of UPROSE. The council will include additional community, business, and nonprofit leaders with experience in the offshore wind industry.

The Offshore Wind (OSW) Vision Plan will involve major investment within New York City to create more than 13,000 clean energy jobs and generate $1.3 billion to stimulate the economy, with a goal to reduce 34.5 million tons of CO2—equal to removing nearly half a million vehicles from roadways for 15 years. The Plan focuses on three core areas: sites and infrastructure, business and workforce, and research and innovation, and outlines how the city will expand its manufacturing sector to build, stage, and install wind turbines, and make certain they can be serviced and powered locally.

“In New York City, we are uniquely positioned to lead the industry in clean energy, while building it from the ground up,” said NYCEDC President and CEO Rachel Loeb. “Our Offshore Wind Advisory Council will be comprised of key leaders who will help us as we evolve our best-in-class sites and infrastructure and lead the country in investing in a clean energy future.”

As the OSW Vision Plan progresses, it will seek federal, state, and private investment to drive industry growth and achieve its long-term goals. The OSW Advisory Council will oversee these tasks and advocate for clean energy within the community and help meet long-term sustainability goals.

“The offshore wind industry is comprised of companies that are devoted to tackling the toughest and most complex issues of our time: climate change and equity,” said KC. “For decades, offshore wind developers, consultants, and supply chain manufacturers have dedicated themselves to a clean energy future while creating economic opportunities for all communities. My co-chair and I will work on behalf of all New Yorkers, especially those who have been most disenfranchised by the unintended consequences of previous generations’ energy infrastructure development, to grow the green energy innovation and economic development sector.”

VHB has served the energy industry for more than 30 years and has been involved in many of the earliest U.S. offshore wind projects. VHB is committed to a clean energy future and advancing renewable energy solutions.

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