VHB’s Flood Planning Ingenuity Highlighted in Fast Company’s Suffolk Downs Article

Mark Costa shares how VHB’s flooding model paved the way for the Suffolk Downs redevelopment plans

April 28, 2021

Aerial view of a Suffolk Downs redevelopment rendering.

The long-term redevelopment plan of the 16.2 million-square-foot Suffolk Downs site planned by HYM Investment Group, LLC will provide a new transit-oriented mixed-use neighborhood to the City of Boston. Located near Boston Harbor and surrounded by creeks, flooding is a major concern for the development.

VHB’s Mark Costa, PE, explains in an article published by Fast Company how the VHB team responded to these flooding concerns and developed an innovative model that simulates potential flooding situations through the year 2100. Being one of the biggest and first-of-its-kind, this model and the studies that accompanied it drove the design of this 161-acre project. Read the full article on Fast Company.

Mark Costa in the office wearing a white button-down shirt and striped tie

Mark Costa, PE

Senior Water Resources Engineer