University Park

Cambridge, MA

University Park is a state-of-the-art research campus that supports some of the most prominent institutions in the bioscience industry. VHB prepared the transportation analyses required by the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act, providing critical technical input which resulted in a comprehensive and unique Traffic Mitigation Agreement between the City and the developer. The agreement now serves as a model for other large Cambridge projects. VHB also worked with the City and the development team on the implementation of several new roadways proposed in the traffic mitigation plan to serve the site. VHB continues to support Forest City in commuter related compliance monitoring.

A visitor walks along a shaded path into one of the buildings in University Park. Pedestrians prepare to cross a street in University Park. People enjoy playing with their dogs in a park area on a sunny day in University Park.


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Forest City


  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Transportation Planning & Engineering