Smart Asset Management and Inventory System (SAM IS) – Asset Management Platform


VHB’s Smart Asset Management and Inventory System (SAM IS) helps clients keep track of their inventory of physical assets, inspections, and maintenance so that capital planning can proceed without a hitch. We built this system on top of Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform and designed it to be intuitive and scalable so that whatever the need, clients can track and manage assets without over-spending valuable capital. SAM IS is also cloud-based, offering broad accessibility to anyone within your organization with basic Internet access. As we look to the future of where our clients work and how they report and track inspections, the SAM IS dashboards can readily provide the information needed to help our clients make more informed decisions and deliver projects faster, safer, and more efficiently.

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An open laptop showing a SAM IS dashboard with a blue background, with SAM IS in big, bold letters above. A tablet displaying a map with “Collect” written to the left. A desktop monitor with a data table open on screen with “Report” written to its left.


  • Bridge Inspection

  • Building Asset Management

  • Culvert Inspection

  • Municipal Asset Management

  • Pavement Asset Management

  • Sidewalk Asset Management

  • Sign Inventory

  • Stormwater Asset Management

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