Kyle Rosenmeyer and Brianne Belschner Author BSCES Article

VHB is embracing model-based design and is invested in firmwide training.

February 03, 2023

Cars driving on a model of a highway with overpasses.

Model-Based Design (MBD) is a movement that is on par with the personal computer and internet in the sense that while it won’t change engineering principles, it will change how we engage engineering principles to deliver infrastructure projects. VHB recognizes that the future of civil engineering is model-based and is invested in firmwide MBD training for its CAD users, as well as a next-level training program for advanced MBD users and future trainers, that will assist with our modeling initiatives.

Written by VHB’s Kyle Rosenmeyer and Brianne Belschner, read “The Future of Model-Based Design” in the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section’s (BSCES) news.

Authored by

  • Kyle Rosenmeyer | Bentley Model-Based Design Lead

  • Brianne Belschner | Autodesk Model-Based Design Lead