Transportation Planning & Engineering

The ability to move people and goods is fundamental to how we live our lives. It provides the organizing framework for our cities, towns and rural areas. It drives our economy and creates competitive advantages. Transportation is a constant element in our day-to-day lives: Will I make the train? Can my child ride her bike to school? Is my flight on time? Will there be enough parking at the store? At VHB, we approach transportation planning and design with a focus on creating sustainable, technologically innovative and appropriately scaled solutions. We work as trusted advisors to our clients to balance cost and schedule while developing creative and functional plans and designs. Our knowledge and experience cover the full spectrum of potential assignments. We know the challenges facing our transportation clients and what it takes to deliver smart solutions that keep people moving.

Kim Eccles is a Safety Practice Leader at VHB.

Kim Eccles, PE

Transportation Service Leader


  • Active Transit

  • Aviation

  • Highway


  • Planning

  • Safety

  • Structures

  • Traffic Engineering

  • Transit & Rail