Federal Government

The U.S. federal government shoulders tremendous responsibilities, serving as the steward of a billion acres of parks and historic sites, while also tasked with protecting our nation and improving the safety of one of the world’s most extensive transportation networks. VHB is a proud partner—working alongside federal agencies to provide solutions to their most complex, challenging, and important projects.

VHB is focused on preserving our nation’s public lands and monuments, enhancing our transportation networks, and strengthening federal facilities and military installations. We address deferred maintenance and aging infrastructure, develop safety guidelines and innovative transportation solutions to mitigate congestion, and assist with the development of infrastructure for electric and connected automated vehicles. Understanding clients’ objectives and gathering a holistic perspective is an integral part of our approach to any project to make certain that federal assets can meet the needs of current and future generations.

Nancy Barker is a Senior Vice President at VHB and serves as the Federal Market Leader.

Nancy Barker, PWS, PWD

Senior Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager & Federal Practice Leader