Core Values


We believe in the power of integrity:

  • In the ways we conduct ourselves as professionals in the community;
  • In the ways we treat one another with mutual respect; and
  • In the ways we govern and manage the corporation.​

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We believe in achieving balance between our professional and personal lives.


We believe in the power of employees who accept and thrive in a challenging and intellectual environment that stresses excellence in all that we do.


We believe in diversity and the rich perspective that is added by diverse staff.


We believe that all tasks should be approached with a spirit of shared responsibility and personal accountability, which are essential to a culture of collaboration.

Superior Financial Performance

We believe in securing our employees’ futures and the future of the Generational Company by delivering superior financial performance.


We believe in the need for continued renewal of the Generational Company and accept the responsibilities of stewardship.

Learning & Development

We believe that employees are our greatest asset and we are dedicated to sustaining an environment of continuous learning and development.