Technology Solutions

Data informed. Innovative. Future focused.

Technology-enabled consulting is at the forefront of VHB’s approach to solving our clients’ and communities’ most complex challenges.

Data and technology inform and play a key role in the built environment. Digital twins enhance emergency response and asset management. Smart street lighting helps to lower energy cost and consumption. Technology-enabled transportation infrastructure supports connectivity of all travel modes, including automated aircraft and motor vehicles. How data is harnessed and applied in new and innovative ways to make informed decisions is key to addressing complex, shared challenges.

Technology-enabled consulting has never been more important, and at VHB, it’s at the center of all we do. Our approach combines core service knowledge, data insights, and the application of technology to deliver innovative solutions for our clients’ planning, engineering, and design needs.

Leveraging Data & Technology to Be Future Focused

 Linework of five interconnected elements of VHB’s future-focused technology service offerings


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Dave Mulholland is a Senior Vice President at VHB, and serves as the Southeast Regional Manager.

Dave Mulholland, PE

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

VHB + Digital Project Delivery

Data is critical for making informed decisions. From justifying the need for new developments, to identifying where infrastructure enhancements will do the most good, gathering and analyzing data is key to planning future-focused communities.

—Dave Mulholland, Chief Technology Officer

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