State & Local Governments

State and local governments are faced with changing economic, energy, and environmental conditions. Communities must balance capital investments in aging infrastructure, transportation networks, and clean energy solutions, while advancing projects that spur economic development and bring new jobs and tax revenue.

VHB partners with state and local government clients to drive projects aimed at revitalizing and connecting communities. From upgrades to mobility networks, to repositioning underutilized assets and the design and development of community spaces, we are collaborating with communities to prioritize their investments in sustainable, equitable, and resilient infrastructure.

State and local governments look to VHB as a vital extension of their staff. We keep our clients informed about legislative mandates, innovative technologies, design trends, and environmental regulations—all while maintaining a focus on local priorities. VHB works with communities to solve funding problems, identify alternate delivery methods, foster collaboration across diverse demographics, and facilitate relationships between public and private entities. We pride ourselves on delivering creative, practical solutions that enable state and local governments to move forward—creating vibrant communities.