Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Statement

VHB’s Board of Directors, CEO and senior leaders collaborate to define our ESG approach and hold us accountable to deliver on these commitments. Our Core Values and culture provide the foundation of our commitment to corporate sustainability and to integrating ESG into our operations and the services we provide to our clients.

ESG Commitments


Acting as stewards for future generations, VHB will:

  • Combat climate change, pollution, and other negative environmental impacts by reducing the impact of our operations.
  • Incorporate environmentally responsible and sustainable practices into all the services we provide to our clients.


  • Continue cultivating a culture of integrity that holds VHB and its employees accountable to the highest ethical standards.
  • Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace that allows all team members to be their complete, authentic selves.
  • Engage with underrepresented groups and provide equitable opportunities in recruiting, the workplace, and promotion.
  • Leverage diverse perspectives to deliver solutions that equitably provide benefits for our communities.
  • Empower employees to pursue rewarding careers while also prioritizing their wellness, health, and safety.
  • Support our communities through volunteer activities and charitable efforts.


  • Establish a Board-accountable committee to set and hold VHB to ambitious ESG commitments.
  • Sustain a best-in-class compliance program that further advances VHB’s ethical culture and empowers employees to discuss and report ethical challenges.
  • Establish bold ESG performance standards and targets for our operations and client projects.
  • Publicly report our ESG performance using recognized third-party frameworks to promote accountability and transparency.

VHB’s work helps improve mobility, enhance communities, build resilience, and contribute to economic vitality with a holistic approach to development, infrastructure, and environmental needs. We integrate sustainability throughout all our markets, services, and operations and act as stewards of the company, always leaving VHB in better condition for future generations. This Generational Company philosophy and our longstanding Core Values deeply embed the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) framework into the fabric of VHB.

Read VHB's Environmental, Social, Governance Statement

Read VHB's Environmental, Social, Governance Statement

Read VHB’s 2023 Sustainability Report: Creating a Sustainable Future

Read VHB’s 2023 Sustainability Report: Creating a Sustainable Future