Burton Station Flooding Improvements Set Stage for Future Development

This 200-acre site is becoming shovel ready to drive economic development and growth in Virginia Beach

September 01, 2021

Burton Station, a Strategic Growth Area (SGA) for economic development within the City of Virginia Beach, completed construction this month on stormwater infrastructure improvements designed to mitigate flooding and provide needed resiliency. Identified by the city as a location for growth and development, this 200-acre site includes opportunity for industrial and office facilities, multi-family residential, open space/recreation, and retail. VHB developed a flood mitigation plan for the site to help meet the growing need for high-quality real estate in the region and provide opportunities for future development.

Named after the historic African American neighborhood that has resided at the site for more than a century, Burton Station began master planning efforts in 2009 that included an extensive public involvement process to pay respect to traditions and context. The master plan was updated in 2018 with continual collaboration among residents to guide what the future of the site would become. The process confirmed that the site’s location adjacent to the Norfolk International Airport, Interstate-64 and proximity to railroad connections provides notable potential for mixed-use economic development opportunities.

To make the site shovel ready for future expansion, the master plan included a framework for resilient infrastructure, such as a vehicular and pedestrian network, open space for recreation, utilities, and water/wastewater upgrades. In addition, flooding and drainage improvements were needed to prevent disruption to the new community taking shape and help improve water quality. VHB’s water resources team designed the improvements that ultimately lowered Burton Station Lake’s water surface elevation by approximately three feet.

“With the need for industrial real estate across the U.S. due to an accelerated growth in e-commerce, Burton Station is getting shovel ready to support this demand,” said J.D. Hines, VHB’s Project Manager in Virginia Beach. “Its proximity to airports and interstates, on-site established infrastructure and utilities, and a strong transportation network, make it ideal for attracting new industries. As the city continues to receive nationwide attention, most recently for being ranked a Top Ten Best Run City and a Top 25 Best Beach Town, VHB is proud to partner with them to implement their resilient infrastructure needs as they continue to grow.”

Since Burton Station redevelopment began more than 10 years ago, VHB has provided survey, engineering design, maintenance of traffic, stormwater management, utility design, and landscape architecture to improve the Burton Station Road Corridor. Several additional projects have recently completed construction, including the Burton Station Sewage Pump Station, Burton Station Phase 1 and Phase 3 Roadway and Utility projects, and numerous private developments.

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Completed concrete stream channel as part of the new Burton Station infrastructure to mitigate flooding. : Concrete channel at Burton Station during construction. Crew members walk alongside the newly installed concrete channel at Burton Station.