Leicester Warehouse Project: A Triumph of Strategic Planning

Leicester, MA

December 11, 2023

Leicester Central Warehouse Completed in Fall 2023

The Leicester Central Warehouse, a 267,000-square-foot facility, stands as a testament to strategic planning and efficient execution. To meet market demand for industrial real estate, the project was fast-tracked thanks to the proactive approach of Kelleher & Sadwosky Associates (K&S), the Commercial Broker, who engaged VHB to develop a conceptual plan for the warehouse, aiding in the marketing of the site. This plan played a crucial role in selling the land to a joint venture of Boston-based developers, John M Corcoran & Co (JMC), and The Brennan Group.

The Leicester Central Warehouse project aligned perfectly with JMC and The Brennan Group’s expansion strategy. The warehouse, designed to accommodate three tenants with three separate entrances, addresses a market need in the area. It features 45 loading docks and parking for 296 passenger vehicles and 59 semi-trailers, making it a highly functional space for businesses. The design also incorporates provisions for stormwater management, including a subsurface infiltration basin and a gravel wetland which provides additional infiltration of stormwater runoff despite the high groundwater constraint.

K&S’ strong relationship with VHB was instrumental in bringing this opportunity to fruition. VHB and K&S collaborated early on to complete land surveys and develop site conceptual plans to market the property, making certain that the site was positioned to attract the right developer. This relationship, cultivated over many years, has enabled K&S to sell properties quickly and provided VHB an early look at various sites, facilitating significant Land Development projects with improved speed to market.

The design and permitting process commenced in July 2021. VHB coordinated early with Town officials and local stakeholders to expedite the local approvals process, resulting in approvals in just one Planning Board and Conservation Commission meeting. This allowed the project to move quickly into construction, expediting its speed to market. Construction started in May 2022 and was completed in the Fall of 2023.

The Leicester Central Warehouse is more than just a warehouse development; it represents a successful collaboration for JMC and The Brennan Group, effective teamwork between K&S and VHB, a key tax revenue generator for the Town of Leicester, and the value of proactive and collaborative planning. The success of this project is a testament to the strong partnerships formed, the strategic foresight displayed, and the effective collaboration among all parties involved.

For more information on the project, please contact Justin Dufresne or Rich Whitehouse.

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Concept Design used to market site in 2019.