Orlando Business Journal Interviews Dave Mulholland

Newly appointed exec discusses the growing role tech plays at VHB.

February 02, 2022

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The February 24, 2022, issue of Orlando Business Journal features an interview with Chief Technology Officer Dave Mulholland about the growing role of technology and innovation at VHB in both Central Florida and across the company’s East Coast operations. The interview highlights how VHB leaders are leveraging technology across markets and service areas, including via model-based design, advanced air mobility, and digital-twin technologies. Read more in the Orlando Business Journal.

The Central Florida community is probably one of the most advanced in the entire country in terms of the commitment toward driving innovation.

—Dave Mulholland, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer


Dave Mulholland is a Senior Vice President at VHB, and serves as the Southeast Regional Manager.

Dave Mulholland, PE

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer