VHB Appoints New Leaders to Drive Development of I-64 Innovation Corridor

This cohesive business operation aligns with projected economic growth and opportunity for the megaregion.

January 08, 2024

Collage of Don Cole and Piotr Swietuchowski.

As the cities from Central Virginia to Hampton Roads continue to collaborate to drive economic success, VHB supports municipalities and private entities investing along I-64, identified as an innovation corridor, future global digital hub, and gateway to commerce. To strengthen its services to clients within this corridor, VHB has combined its Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Williamsburg offices into one cohesive operation to drive growth and deliver excellence in service to our clients. To lead this effort, Don Cole (left) joined VHB as I-64 Operational Manager and Piotr Swietuchowski (right) will serve in the role of I-64 Development Manager. Together, they will spearhead initiatives geared toward not only enhancing the prominence of the region, but nurturing team development and organization across the operational landscape.

In Don's role as I-64 Operational Manager, he will focus on building regional prominence by streamlining daily operations, financial management, and strategic planning. In tandem, Piotr as I-64 Development Manager will work collaboratively with our market leaders to focus on cross collaboration and implementation of strategic goals. With decades of industry knowledge, a deep understanding of the corridor and innovative engineering solutions, their leadership will guide this cohesive unit towards an integrated service delivery that combines the collective knowledge, technical excellence, and wide network of trusted relationships to help clients overcome disruptors and challenges.

“The I-64 Corridor is ripe with opportunity for interregional collaboration and innovation,” said Nancy Barker, PWS, Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager. “By merging our three operations into one unit under Don and Piotr’s leadership, we’re positioning VHB’s robust team of more than 140 local professionals to enhance service delivery, while also providing our team with access to a broader range of projects and leadership opportunities. Don and Piotr’s knowledge of the region, coupled with their industry experience, make them an ideal fit to champion this effort.”

With the I-64 innovation corridor rich in opportunity for economic growth, talent, education, and industries, VHB sees the value in interregional collaboration across offices to support and advance client development and investments. Through our diverse resources, skills, and talent from across three locations, we will be able to provide integrated services and solutions that make an even greater impact on our communities.

To learn more about VHB’s I-64 operations, connect with Don through email or LinkedIn, and Piotr through email or LinkedIn.