Environmental Business Journal Shares Insights from VHB

Company outlook includes a strong culture and focus on climate change.

April 22, 2022

Solar panels in a field of flowers.

Despite the many challenges of the past two years, VHB’s outlook remains strong. The company continues its focus on its people, culture, and partnering with clients to address climate issues. A recent issue of Environmental Business Journal features insights from Chief Development Officer Mike McArdle, Chief People Officer Keri Kocur, Chief Technology Officer Dave Mulholland, Market Leaders Steve McElligott and Kris Dramby, Sustainability Practice Leader Ryan Prime, Director of Natural Science Meredith Avery, Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Director Ken Rodman, and Senior Environmental Planner Lauren DeVoe. Read the full article.

VHB’s commitment to sustainability and resiliency allows us to look at all aspects of Climate Action Planning and develop a holistic, long-term solution.”

—Ryan Prime, Sustainability Practice Leader


  • Mike McArdle—Chief Development Officer

  • Keri Kocur—Chief People Officer

  • Dave Mulholland—Chief Technology Officer

  • Steve McElligott—Transportation Market Lead

  • Kris Dramby—Energy Market Leader

  • Ryan Prime—Sustainability Practice Leader

  • Meredith Avery—Director of Natural Science

  • Ken Rodmany—Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Director

  • Lauren DeVoe—Senior Environmental Planner