Vivian Kimball joins (NEWIEE) Board of Directors

Watertown, MA

November 18, 2020

Vivian Kimball's Official VHB Headshot

Vivian Kimball, Project Manager at VHB’s Watertown office, will serve as a director on New England Women in Energy and the Environment’s (NEWIEE) board for the 2020–2021 Program Year. NEWIEE brings together women who work in the energy and environmental fields to explore new solutions to today’s challenges while helping to cultivate female leadership through collaboration, inspiration, and professional development. The organization provides a place where women can easily meet others facing similar technical, career, and work-life balance questions and benefit from each other’s experiences.

“I have enjoyed being a member of NEWIEE for many years, I’m extremely honored to join the board as a director,” Vivian stated. “NEWIEE is an amazing organization that encourages women in the energy and environmental fields to excel, grow, and connect with one another.”

If you want to discuss energy and the environment or learn more about NEWIEE, please contact Vivian Kimball at