Statewide Stormwater Program Support

Rhode Island

When faced with a potential enforcement action from EPA and the Department of Justice, RIDOT’s Office of Stormwater Management turned to VHB to develop a robust compliance program that would establish an accepted methodology and technical documentation for water quality accounting, tracking, and crediting across the state. VHB worked with RIDOT, RIDEM, and the EPA to develop an efficient and consistent approach to developing Stormwater Control Plans for impaired water bodies, including the development of a Stormwater Control Plan approach document and report template. We helped RIDOT manage the submission of dozens of Stormwater Control Plans, as well as track the construction of hundreds of stormwater controls.


VHB has become a partner and trusted advisor to the RIDOT Office of Stormwater Management by helping implement a stormwater program that easily plans, tracks, and reports on compliance with permit and consent decree requirements. A complex spatial database was developed and is used to collect drainage assets, watershed assessment data, as well as inspection and condition data. With our extensive knowledge of RIDOT’s approach to stormwater projects, and by leveraging ArcGIS Online tools, VHB has encouraged and facilitated partnerships by allowing multiple teams to access and edit the database, track compliance over time, and give RIDOT staff a clear vision of the work being done and what remains.




  • Database Design & Management

  • Program Management

  • QA/QC