Boston Climate Action Plan Update

Boston, MA

As Boston eyes its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, VHB helped establish an innovative, practical implementation roadmap to prioritize and advance initiatives to address climate change. The updated Climate Action Plan will guide the city as it seeks to reduce carbon emissions at a community-wide scale, improve energy efficiency and conservation, achieve zero waste, and prepare neighborhoods for anticipated climate change impacts.

Through a focused, stakeholder-driven approach, the city aimed to develop impactful and equitable solutions for achieving aggressive targets around building energy retrofits, net-zero carbon development, electrification of transportation and buildings, and multi-modal transportation solutions. All the goals and strategies were developed through comprehensive stakeholder engagement efforts, and were carefully considered through the lens of accessibility, public health, and social equity. As a result, the CAP Update identified 18 strategies, each with an implementation blueprint outlining key steps, partners, and resources.

Read the City of Boston Climate Action Plan 2019 Update.

Boston’s Climate Action Plan will help prepare for anticipated climate change impacts. City of Boston Climate Action Plan 2019 Update


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