Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Environmental Consulting Services

Orlando, FL

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) has developed world-class airport facilities to serve Orlando and Central Florida. GOAA has proactively planned for significant airport expansion and development around the Orlando International Airport and Orlando Executive Airport which requires extensive and complex environmental permitting. For 10 years, VHB has been an active participant in the growth and development of the two GOAA airport facilities. As part of the extensive expansion in and around GOAA properties, VHB has provided wetland evaluations and permitting, wildlife habitat analysis and issue resolution, and water quality assessment and monitoring on approximately 18,000 acres of land within the Boggy Creek basin area.

As GOAA accommodates the growing aviation demands at Orlando’s area airports, VHB will continue to partner with them to facilitate their long-term sustainable growth and management of the natural resources.

Two VHB Employees use tablets during an environmental site visit A plane sits on the runway past wetlands at Orlando Executive Airport. Two small airplanes sitting at the Greater Orlando Airport


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