VHB Wins Three ACEC-NY Engineering Excellence Awards

VHB projects deliver innovation and value to New York communities.

April 16, 2024

VHB employees posing with award-winning projects.

The annual Engineering Excellence Awards program, hosted by the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC-NY), spotlights groundbreaking engineering projects that epitomize innovation, merit, and ingenuity. VHB is proud to have received three of these prestigious awards this year—including a Diamond Award for the Shorefront Park Living Shoreline project, a Platinum Award for the North Shore University Hospital Advanced Surgical Pavilion (ASP) project, and a Gold Award for the Modera Apartments project.


Shorefront Park Living Shorelines

Breathing vibrant life into a once-eroded and flood-prone waterfront park, the Shorefront Park Living Shoreline project in Patchogue, NY, represents the state’s largest permitted living shoreline to date. Spanning more than 1,300 feet, the living shoreline seamlessly combines natural and structural elements to protect the community from coastal erosion while reducing the wave energy from storm surges and coastal flooding. The innovative combination of rock sills, salt marshes, and bio-retention basins transformed a once sterile bulkhead into a thriving habitat with advanced waterfront aesthetics.


North Shore University Hospital ASP

Redefining healthcare design, the North Shore University Hospital ASP project in Manhasset, NY, spans 266,000 square feet across eight levels, introducing 18 state-of-the-art operating rooms and hybrid suites equipped with real-time imaging capabilities. These groundbreaking updates represent a paradigm shift in the way complex surgeries are conducted and offer a profound leap in precision and patient outcomes for the local community.


The Modera Apartments

The Modera Apartments project, in New Rochelle, NY, is designed to foster an enjoyable and comfortable living atmosphere for its residents. It showcases a vast assortment of amenities, including a rooftop courtyard that optimizes the available space while prioritizing resident wellbeing. To cater to all residents, ADA accessibility was a key focus of this project, resulting in amenities that are custom designed for accessibility. Additionally, with sustainability and longevity in mind, the Modera Apartments were developed using durable, locally sourced materials.


These recognitions reflect VHB’s commitment to developing forward-thinking solutions that not only meet our clients’ unique needs but also uplift and enhance local communities.

Congratulations to all winners!