Wing Solar Farm

Wing, AL

As communities in Alabama embrace solar energy as a reliable power source, VHB and Origis Energy are helping them achieve carbon reduction goals while spurring economic development. VHB provides environmental services to Origis, a leading developer of solar and energy storage solutions, to support the development of utility-scale solar farms across the state.

VHB has provided site assessments and regulatory guidance on a 967-acre solar site in Wing—an unincorporated area of Covington County, AL. VHB archaeologists and wildlife ecologists conducted site visits for in-depth technical analysis via archaeological digs, identification of potential hazardous contamination, and wildlife surveys to document protected species and determine the feasibility of obtaining required environmental permits.

VHB’s interdisciplinary approach to solar projects starts with a preliminary critical analysis to identify issues related to environmentally sensitive areas and permitting that a client may encounter at a proposed solar site. VHB stays involved with the project from start to finish, including during the design and construction process, to quickly address issues that could arise and impede progress. This process helped Origis stay in compliance with federal and state regulations, while helping the state of Alabama contribute to a more resilient electricity grid.

A row of solar panels in a rural field with trees in the background.


  • Origis Energy


  • Archaeology

  • Cultural Resources Assessment

  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and II)

  • Hazardous Materials Investigations

  • Permitting: federal, state, local

  • Regulatory Compliance & Monitoring

  • Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys