Offshore Wind Virtual Stakeholder Meeting Program

Northeast US

VHB partnered with Ørsted North America to develop, host, and moderate virtual stakeholder meetings to advance the Revolution and Ocean Wind projects. VHB’s Innovative Project Delivery Team and Virtual Meeting Team fully customized virtual meeting spaces to Ørsted’s needs for each project, while hosting hundreds of stakeholders over the course of multiple virtual events. These customized virtual meeting spaces were each equipped with presentation boards, informative videos, inquiry and comment cards, and a participation room for a live presentation. Virtual subject matter breakout rooms were moderated by VHB, recorded, and made available later on demand for those who could not attend live.

These meetings allowed Ørsted to connect with stakeholders during live sessions to provide information and answer questions about each project as an alternative to eliminate the need to meet in person. Virtual meeting spaces are accessible 24/7, allowing stakeholders to review project information at their own pace and on their own schedule. By meeting virtually, Ørsted gained a higher level of accessibility and increased, more diverse participation from elected officials, government agencies, non-profits, residents, and the public.

In addition, VHB provided Ørsted with a suite of meeting deliverables, including session recordings, meeting attendance, text-based question/answer captures, and text-based transcriptions of all video files captured, resulting in a complete archive of information. Furthermore, VHB provided Ørsted with metrics relating to the virtual meeting space, including which areas were more popular than others, how long visitors spent visiting specific areas, by which advertised method they joined the sessions, and more.

View Ørsted’s Virtual Meeting Room here: Revolution Wind - VHB

Screengrab of Revolution Wind Virtual Meeting Room Screengrab of Ocean Wind Virtual Meeting Room


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