Pollinator-Friendly Solar Industry Program


Incorporating pollinator-attracting native plants underneath solar panels and into the available space around solar sites creates a thriving ecosystem for pollinator species like bees, birds, and other wildlife while also providing economic and aesthetic benefits to the solar developers, owner/operators, and local communities. Our work in this emerging market involving Pollinator-Friendly design considerations to solar farms is just one example of VHB’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

VHB’s services developing Pollinator-Friendly programs includes a series of recommendations and resources for solar energy developers to plan, install, and monitor native plant communities that attract pollinators, lessen stormwater impacts, and increase the visual appeal of the installations. These facilities foster sustainability by not only providing renewable energy, but also through providing wildlife and pollinator habitat, long-term cost savings, and community enhancement opportunities.

A field of sunflowers in front of rows of solar panels. Solar panels reflect the sun behind yellow wildflowers. Rows of yellow wildflowers alternate between solar panels to attract pollinators.


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