VHB Launches Future-Focused Energy Evolution Practice

Powering progress with innovative energy services.

February 22, 2024

vhb energy evolution practice logo with energy sources.

In response to the rapidly evolving energy landscape, VHB has launched our Energy Evolution Practice, which will provide comprehensive energy consultancy services across all the markets VHB serves. By developing and implementing strategies that integrate renewable energy, enhance resilience, and incorporate advanced infrastructure concepts, VHB is dedicated to helping our clients and communities achieve a greener, more sustainable future.

Led by Kris Dramby, Vice President and VHB’s Corporate Energy Market and Practice Leader, the Energy Evolution Practice features a diverse and multidisciplinary team of energy-focused practitioners that span the company’s footprint. The practice offers a broad range of services ready to support the advancement of clean energy infrastructure projects—from project creation, design, and permitting to construction, compliance, and decommissioning. This comprehensive portfolio of services strategically positions the practice to support all VHB clients in accelerating their respective journey toward a low-carbon future.

"How we systematically plan for and navigate the energy evolution is critical to our future,” emphasized Kris. "As we find ourselves on the cusp of a new era where sustainable, efficient energy solutions are not just an option, but a necessity, VHB stands ready to help our clients and communities through this transition and accelerate this shift. Our robust suite of integrated services is tailored to meet clients’ evolving energy needs, propelling them beyond net-zero emissions in a world that demands progressive energy solutions.”

Committed to enhancing VHB’s energy engineering capabilities, the Energy Evolution Practice seamlessly integrates advanced technology-enabled lifecycle solutions into their approach. This strategic focus propels VHB’s leadership in delivering sustainable energy solutions, empowering clients and communities in addressing the intricate engineering challenges of today and tomorrow. This includes initiatives like the modernization of the electric grid and supporting the rapid deployment of renewable technologies. Additionally, as technology redefines the industry, the Energy Evolution Practice is harnessing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and generative design to tackle complex energy and climate-related challenges.

“Our Energy Evolution Practice reflects VHB’s dedication to forward-looking solutions for future generations,” stated Mike Carragher, VHB President & CEO. “We don’t just adapt to change; we spearhead it. With the introduction of our Energy Evolution Practice, we look forward to further guiding our clients and communities in actively shaping the energy landscape of tomorrow.”

Experience the power of transformative energy solutions with VHB’s Energy Evolution Practice. For more information or to consult on the energy needs of your organization, connect with Kris Dramby today.