Energy Revolution & Climate Change: AEC Industry Addresses Generational Challenge

Transition. Evolve. Transform.

VHB’s latest e-book examines how the world is experiencing an energy revolution in response to climate change. Impacts and implications span markets, industries, geographies, and demographics—as well as the environment, our communities, and economic livelihood. This monumental, shared challenge requires a big picture, shared solution—and the AEC industry plays a critical role in shaping the future, serving as both educators and innovators.

The AEC industry has opportunity to demonstrate what a transition to a clean and green future looks like, from multimodal transport to renewable energy power to climate positive buildings—and why it is important for us to make these changes. VHB continues to have conversations, ask questions, and explore solutions.

  • With the transportation industry contributing the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions, what initiatives should DOTs and transportation agencies consider to create cleaner, greener mobility options?
  • As real estate market demands continue to evolve, what opportunities exist for new and renewed assets to unlock development potential via green infrastructure and sustainable design?
  • Healthcare and higher education campuses operate as small cities. What climate solutions can be implemented to support long-term missions, best serve user populations, and create more sustainable campuses?
  • With a large-scale energy transformation and a clean-energy revolution underway, how will renewable power, as well as natural gas and battery storage, each play a role in achieving long-term decarbonization goals?
  • As federal, state, and local governments set net zero, decarbonization, and sustainability goals, how can they both mitigate and adapt to climate change while keeping assets and communities safe?

VHB’s knowledge, experience, and guidance are helping clients anticipate emerging opportunities, identify potential risks, and develop innovative solutions to mitigate those risks. Partnerships will be crucial to achieving climate goals and transforming the built environment.

Download your copy of our Viewpoints piece to learn more about how we can work together to create a cleaner, greener, healthier future for everyone.

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