Offshore Wind Development

Providing lead regulatory, permitting, and technical consulting services along the East Coast

With a large-scale energy transformation and a clean energy revolution underway throughout the country, offshore wind has become a significant contributor to meeting the need for renewable energy. Offshore wind developers are competing to meet ambitious clean energy goals. Successful project development hinges on the ability to navigate complex federal, state, and local regulations, and on a thoughtful approach to address stakeholder concerns.

VHB is committed to a clean energy future. Our experienced offshore wind professionals partner with developers, local and state regulators, supply chain firms, and trade organizations to provide leading-edge industry guidance and insight into the challenges and complexities facing offshore wind development. A recognized leader in providing regulatory, permitting, and technical consulting services, VHB has been involved in many of the earliest U.S. offshore wind projects, from managing the development of Construction and Operations Plans and preparing federal, state, and local permit applications, to asset evaluation and the redevelopment of coastal properties.

As the lead regulatory, permitting, and technical consultant, VHB delivers:

Site Selection Services

Surveys & Assessments

Site Assessment & Construction and Operations Plan Development

Federal, State & Local Permitting

Stakeholder Outreach & Engagement

Transmission & Grid Interconnection Planning, Analysis & Permitting

Port and Substation Civil Design & Permitting

Local, Regional & State Supply Chain Support


VHB understands the complex regulatory framework of the offshore wind market, as well as commercial, regional and community intricacies, partnering with firms that complement our capabilities to facilitate the advancement of offshore wind projects. Our integrated approach considers a project’s full lifecycle from project planning through post-construction monitoring while developing and implementing strategic, data-informed solutions that streamline the process. We work as an extension of our clients’ teams to address land use issues, infrastructure challenges, and regulatory specifications.

Professional Guidance for U.S. Offshore Wind Development

VHB’s Energy solutions support the advancement of offshore wind development through our knowledge of the industry's regulatory environment and stakeholder concerns. Our experienced team employs cutting-edge technology and works nimbly to meet clients' demands in a timely and efficient manner. Throughout a project, we partner with local development authorities, municipalities, and state agencies to build trust, streamline approvals, and promote stakeholder buy-in.

Connect with our Offshore Wind Leadership

KC Sahl

KC Sahl

National Director of Offshore Wind

Kris Dramby, wearing a white shirt and plaid blazer, smiles in the office.

Kris Dramby, CWB, PWS, CE

Vice President, Energy Market & Practice Leader

Sherrie Trefry pictured outdoors in a pink shirt.

Sherrie Trefry, CSS

Energy Market Leader, New England

Seth at the office, wearing a white shirt and tan blazer.

Seth Lattrell

Energy Market Lead – Massachusetts

Several offshore wind turbines under a blue sky.
Eight wind turbines standing in the ocean.

Listen to a VHB Viewpoints podcast discussing advancing science through offshore wind

As the U.S. commits more money and resources to clean energy, offshore wind power can drive economic development in an emerging sector of the energy market.

—Sherrie Trefry, Energy Market Leader, New England

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