VHB Announces New Newark Office, Amplifying New York Metro Influence

Strategic expansion to drive transformation and growth in Northern New Jersey.

December 09, 2023

Newark skyline at dusk.

VHB is strengthening its foothold in the New Jersey market with the opening of its new, larger Newark, NJ, office. By offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of Northern New Jersey, the company is poised to contribute significantly to the region’s ongoing development.

VHB’s expanded presence in Northern New Jersey heralds a new chapter of possibilities, as the company brings a wealth of experience to local communities, businesses, and institutions. From urban revitalization to improved transportation infrastructure and increased renewable energy resources, VHB is dedicated to working closely with Northern New Jersey to achieve its vision for a thriving future.

The Newark office also represents a dynamic collaboration between VHB's New Jersey and New York teams. This partnership, characterized by mutual support, knowledge sharing, and a collective vision, paves the way for VHB to stimulate progress across the greater New York metropolitan region.

Tom Stein, VHB’s Director of Newark Operations, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, stating, "Our new office was born from our dedication to unlocking Northern New Jersey’s immense potential while driving strategic growth. We're excited to bring our experience and passion for innovation to the region on a larger scale, working closely with local stakeholders to shape a future that benefits us all."

In tandem with the expansion, VHB has welcomed several new additions to its Newark team, including James Shao, Director of Traction Power, and Don Zeni, Vertical Transportation Lead. These experienced professionals bring deep knowledge and skills to further enhance VHB's capabilities and contribute to the firm's integrated approach to projects in the region.

Over the years, VHB has been a key player in advancing the region's development through significant involvement in various New Jersey projects. Notable contributions include the Trans-Hudson Rapid Transit Study, industrial site redevelopments for the City of Newark, and several projects for Princeton University.

As the company continues to grow, it remains dedicated to its mission of delivering integrated solutions that enrich every aspect of growth and transformation.

Learn more about our solutions and how we can partner to enhance your community by contacting Tom Stein.