Trans-Hudson Rapid Transit Study

New York & New Jersey

Focusing on the future travel needs of the nation’s largest metropolitan region requires extensive, long-term planning. By 2040, growing commuter markets in New Jersey and employment opportunities in New York will increase Trans-Hudson transit demand exponentially. To help plan for this future and make the best decisions moving forward, VHB is co-leading the Trans-Hudson Rapid Transit Study that will help the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, its Agency Partners (NJ Transit, NYC Planning and DOT, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and New York City Transit), and regional planning agencies explore various opportunities that would enhance the area’s transit network. Through a series of tasks focused on goal setting, emerging technologies, institutional and environmental considerations, and market projections, the study helps these agencies and partners identify feasible options to add transformative Trans-Hudson rapid transit capacity to meet the long-term needs of the region.

Map of Trans-Hudson area with blue and grey design


  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey


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