Fenway Park

Boston, MA

With a 25-year client history, the Henry Werner Group/Boston Red Sox have looked to VHB to help turn Fenway Park into a more fan-friendly, entertaining destination. Since their success is our success, we’re able to pool the power of our resources and experience to convert their ideas into a fan reality—​we’ve rebuilt the fields, created gameday traffic solutions, reconstructed Landsdowne Street, and sighted player statues. And every piece of this project has benefited from our transportation professionals’ knowledge in how to move people from home to work to the games and back again. Now, traveling to Fenway is all about the journey and the destination.

Pedestrians stroll along Lansdowne Street outside of Fenway Park in Boston. Statues outside of Fenway Park in Boston. Banners along the side of Fenway Park in Boston.


  • Henry/Werner Group


  • Civil Engineering

  • Gameday & Special Event Transportation Management Planning

  • Permitting

  • Surveying

  • Traffic Engineering

  • Transportation Planning & Engineering