Commonwealth Fusion Systems Headquarters & Campus

Devens, MA

Commonwealth Fusion Systems’ (CFS) mission is to deliver clean, commercial fusion energy on a timeline to combat climate change. CFS is constructing its new fusion campus in Devens, MA, where it will be the first in the world to demonstrate commercially relevant net energy from fusion, marking a major step forward in the global race towards fusion energy.

VHB was invited to join the project team due to our experience in supporting large, complex, and sensitive development programs at Devens. Collaborating closely with the project team, VHB provided survey, traffic, environmental, and site/civil engineering design and permitting services for this historic development.

The new 47-acre campus includes a manufacturing facility, corporate offices, and the fusion net energy demonstration facility, called SPARC. It will also be able to accommodate expansion for additional buildings.

Artist rendering of Commonwealth Fusion Systems’ compact fusion device, SPARC.


  • Commonwealth Fusion Systems


  • Land Survey​

  • Environmental Services

  • Permitting: federal, state, local

  • Site/Civil Engineering

  • Traffic Engineering