Washington Union Station Expansion and EIS

Washington, DC

Updating transit infrastructure is a priority to accommodate changing trends in multimodal connectivity. The Washington Union Station Expansion and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)  will expand and modernize the station’s multimodal transportation facilities to support projected growth in rail and bus service, enhance customer experience, improve integration with surrounding neighborhoods, and support the continued preservation and use of the historic station building. VHB led the extensive multimodal transportation planning, EIS, NEPA process in support of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

As part of the NEPA and Section 106 processes, VHB provided data from the EIS analyses to support the determination of traffic, noise, and vibration effects to historic properties. The air analysis addressed long-term impacts from pollutant emissions that would occur during post-construction operations and temporary effects from emissions that would occur during construction. The noise and vibration assessment examined the existing and potential future impacts of rail and transit operations and evaluated the potential need for mitigation.

Washington Union Station exterior Washington Union State interior


  • Union Station Redevelopment Corporation

  • Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners


  • Air & Noise Analysis

  • Environmental Impact Analysis

  • Transit & Rail Services