SunRail Commuter Rail Transit Project

Central Florida

With an overarching mission to improve mobility within Central Florida, connecting communities by offering a commuter rail service was of utmost importance to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Getting this critical project on track required a team with a specific combination of environmental, funding, and transit skills. FDOT selected a team that could help them create this inviting, publicly supported, and financially feasible commuter rail service.

As part of the team, VHB helped support the fast-track environmental clearance documentation, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) New Starts funding efforts, rail infrastructure design, and existing signal system assessment on the CSX “A” line between Deland and Kissimmee. VHB led the development of the service plans, and operation and maintenance costs for the service, as well as an evaluation of capital infrastructure and equipment costs. We also performed biological surveys of the corridor/station sites; a Wetland Evaluation Report; and an Endangered Species Biological Assessment Report. VHB led the stormwater design and permitting of 10 stations, the hydraulic design and permitting of three bridges, and the stormwater design and permitting of approximately 17 miles of the corridor.

The result of the team’s detailed and coordinated work is a safe, reliable commuter rail system that moves an average of more than 6,000 riders daily through 16 stations in Central Florida. Now that’s how you connect communities.

A man waits to board an incoming SunRail train. Train tracks pass in front of a SunRail station. A SunRail train engine waits at a station.


  • Florida Department of Transportation


  • Environmental Services

  • Funding Research & Application Support

  • NEPA Documentation & Analysis

  • Permitting: federal, state, local

  • Rail Planning & Design

  • Stormwater Design & Engineering

  • Transit Operations Simulation

  • Transit Signal Systems Design