Equity in the Built Environment

Social equity is the heart of smart, future-focused community design.

Investment in our communities is fundamental to make our lived environment fairer for everyone—and there is much that planners, designers, and engineers can do to make this happen, especially as it relates to how and where infrastructure is built.

What is equity in the built environment? From equitable access to transportation, healthcare, education, and employment, to affordable housing and green space, equity in the built environment can take multiple forms.  VHB works closely and collaboratively with communities. We listen to understand what they truly need—not what we think they need—and we adapt plans accordingly. We are dedicated to delivering future-focused solutions that build equitable and inclusive infrastructure.

Social equity is about collaboration and partnership. It’s about listening. How our industry approaches planning, design, and constructing has the power to challenge systems of inequity and reimagine the built environment—for everyone.

—Mike Carragher, VHB President & CEO