Creating a Roadmap for Integrating Connecticut’s Public Transportation Systems

A modern, seamless statewide transit system promoting equity and affordability.

December 01, 2023

Digital illustration of mobility hub with blurred buses, trains, and pedestrians.

Connecticut’s transit system is facing many of the same challenges as transit systems across the nation including a variety of vehicle types and services, many service providers, and varying degrees of technologies and fare payment methods. To address these challenges, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is launching the Integrated Transit Mobility Project (CT-ITMP) with help from VHB. CTDOT was recently awarded a Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) grant through the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to kick-off their vision.

The proposed CT-ITMP aims to create a unified statewide transit system that will eliminate the need to navigate multiple apps and websites to view transit routes and real-time vehicle information, while also streamlining a standardized payment structure and method. Additionally, the program will focus on fare affordability and a dynamic system that can streamline the administration of fare discount programs. The State has placed an emphasis on developing programs that support unbanked and underbanked public transportation customers. This project aims to connect individuals with financial institutions and other services to support financial growth and access to digital payment methods.

For Stage 1, VHB will develop a plan for a digitally connected, multimodal statewide public transit system which will allow customers to pay fares using contactless credit, debit, or prepaid card or a payment-enabled device. They will also help identify a Unified Mobility App (UMA) solution for transit customers throughout Connecticut that provides all real-time transit system information in one place. This stage will involve extensive community engagement to gather feedback on customer preferences and priorities. Identification of the unified mobility application and transit data management plan will also be part of Stage 1.

Upon successful completion of Stage 1, the program will be eligible to receive funding through a future SMART grant for implementation. When fully implemented, the CT-ITMP will be the first statewide deployment of its kind and result in a seamless experience for transit customers.

To learn more about this project, contact Ryan Fetchko.